18 Ways You Can Manage Stress Without Cigarettes

Stress and smoking have gone hand and hand for decades. In the

nineteen sixties doctors were still prescribing smoking to help manage

the stress of people with a nervous disposition. Solders were given a

cigarette ration to help with the stress of combat. So it's not

surprising that many smokers on the Sunshine Coast still use

cigarettes to help with their stress.

In fact this is the number one fear amongst smokers

when contemplating quitting. It is true that smoking and

stress are linked but not in the way you might imagine.

Smoking caused stress, it does not relieve it. It is true that

initially you will feel a little calmer, as the dopamine is realised

from your brain. But soon after you will experience an adrenal burst.

This is why so many smokers like a smoke and a coffee to start the

day, they like the adrenal surge.

But soon the adrenals release the stress hormone

cortisol. Therefore if you light a smoke to reduce your stress you

will only make it worse. Chain smokers during

strong stress don't become more relaxed with each

smoke they become more and more anxious. I'm sure

you have seen it, or experienced it for yourself.

But you have connected smoking with releasing stress

for so long that the belief is strong. Just five cigarettes

per day for stress over ten years is 18, 250 cigarettes. That many

times is sure to make you believe that

smoking relieves stress.

The key is to find real ways to manage stress, not just for

those quitting smoking but for anyone.

1. Deep breathing.

2. Acupressure to anxiety relieving points

3. Heart focussed relaxation

4. Activities like Qigong, Tai Chi or yoga.

5. Relaxation meditation

6. Exercise

7. Supplement like magnesium, Oats, valerian, lemon


8. Lavender essential oil on the temples or on your


9. Emotional Freedom Technique.

10. Neuro Linguistic Programming.

11. Hypnosis

12. Reading

13. Gardening

14. Coffee with friends

15. Join a meetup group or interest group

16. Make time for yourself away from work and family


17. Have a massage. do yourself a favour

18. Go to bed at a reasonable hour

As you can see there are plenty of ways to relax.

Managing stress isn't about inhaling 4000 toxic

chemicals it's about firstly deciding to do something

about your stress and then taking some action to help


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Wishing you the best of health