10 Things Not To Tell Others While Quitting Smoking

By Lindsay M Fox

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things that a person

could do. This is because tobacco contains a highly addictive

substance called nicotine.

A person who is trying to quit this habit is definitely

going to pass through a tough period; nicotine cravings result in

irritability, insomnia and anxiety.

A person who is in the process of quitting smoking

generally requires a lot of support from family and friends

because relapses are all too common. If you know any

such person, there are a few topics of discussion that

you should avoid at all costs. They include:

1. It's really easy to quit; it's just a question of willpower.

2. A couple of cigarettes now and then wont hurt you

3. You don't need any of those nicotine products to get rid

of this habit

4. Herbal cigarettes are a good alternative to tobacco


5. You'll never be able to quit cigarettes; you've tried so

many times already

6. If you're using nicotine replacement therapy for a while

then you might as well start smoking again

7. Wow, have you put on some weight?

8. You seem to be very irritable these days. You were

better to be around when you smoked.

9. It's about time you quit smoking; don't you care about

your health?

10. Let me light up in front of you; let's see if you are serious

about quitting.

These different statements indicate just how little

knowledge most people have about the habit of smoking.

As a matter of fact, many people are not aware of how

addictive this habit is. As a result, they place unrealistic

expectations on the person who is trying to quit the habit.

In actuality, a person who is trying to quit will definitely

feel a lot of temptation to pick up a cigarette from time to

time. Even if the person does smoke, this is no cause for

ridicule; it only indicates the person's frailty.

Many people trying to quit this habit will benefit from

nicotine replacement therapy because it helps them deal

with nicotine cravings very easily.

Therefore, it is best to encourage a person to use these products,

even if for a long period, because nicotine by itself has only a

fraction of the dangers of cigarette smoke.

If you avoid making the above statements and ones similar to them, and

actually say their opposite to the person trying to quit the habit,

then you will be providing the right kind of support.