Signs and Symptoms Of Teen Drug Abuse

By Robin Leonardo

Teenagers are highly susceptible to drug abuse.

Unaware of the risks associated, teens initiate and

continue drug abusing habits risking their precious lives.

Parents should keep an eye on their children and looks

for signs and symptoms of drug abuse to save them from

this harmful habit.

Following are warning signs and symptoms that indicate

teen drug abuse:

Physical and health issues:

Intake of drugs by teens, mostly affects the brain. The

brain is still in a developing stage till the age of 25 years.

Therefore, when teens use harmful drugs like nicotine,

cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy or any other illicit

substances, they quickly get addicted to it when

compared to adults.

Other physical and health issues that are associated with

drug abuse are:

•Kidney, liver and heart failure

•Red and glazed eyes

•Weight loss or weight gain




•Running nose

•Dental problems

Changes in appetite:

Teenagers addicted or prone to drug abuse, either eat

more or less than they need. You can notice change in

their eating habits. You will also notice that either the

teen has gained or lost weight. Some other drastic

changes that may indicate drug abuse in teens are,

change in sleep pattern and hobbies, angry outbursts

and clothing style.

Depression, anxiety or moodiness:

Many teens use drugs to feel the high. But they are

unaware that using drugs will deal with problems such as

anxiety, depression and mood swings. Sudden

behavioral changes in teens could be a sign of hormonal

changes or it could be due to drug abuse. Pay attention

to such sudden and drastic changes in teens, as it could

be an indication that they are in trouble and need help

from their loved ones.

Neglecting physical appearance:

Normally teens are very conscious and concerned about

their physical appearance, grooming, clothing and

personal hygiene. Teens who abuse drugs often focus

less on their physical appearance. They don't want to

maintain even their personal hygiene and cleanliness.

They don't care about the way they look.

Change in friends:

Teenagers addicted to drugs drop regular old friends.

They join new groups of friends. The change in friends

and new hangouts, and getting very secretive about the

new friends, is a clear indication that the teen is with a

wrong group of friends, who will encourage the teen to

experience drugs.

Unexplained need for money:

Illicit drugs are expensive. Teens consuming illicit drugs

may ask for money quite often, without giving any

specific reason. Their unexplained need for money, if not

fulfilled, may lead to loss of money from their parents'

wallet, valuables missing from home or borrowing money

from friends and relatives. Parents should keep a close

watch on their teens, when it comes to money matters.

To detect/confirm drug abuse, use reliable drug test kits:

On discovering your teen abusing illicit drugs, you can

prevent situation from worsening, by detecting/confirming

drug abuse in the privacy of your home, by using reliable,

accurate, fast and FDA-approved drug test kits.