Deep Understanding Between Pregnancy and Smoking

By Lindsay M Fox

If you are a regular smoker who

plans to have a baby then you

have serious thinking to do. You

need to take good care of

yourself (and your developing

baby); smoking is simply

unacceptable during this time in

your life.

Researches have done

plenty of studies on this subject

and the news is not at all good for pregnant smokers.

The risks associated with smoking cigarettes are very

well-known to most people. You have a greater chance

of getting cancer, heart disease, hypertension or stroke if

you smoke cigarettes often. However, there are many

more risks that you (and your baby) face because of this


Since the mother and unborn child are connected

via the placenta and umbilical cord, everything the

mother consumes reaches the baby very quickly. This

includes all the toxic substances contained in cigarette

smoke that enter the blood stream via the lungs.

They various problems associated with smoking

cigarettes during pregnancy include:

- Difficult pregnancy: There are higher chances that you

will experience abnormal implantation and vaginal

bleeding if you are a smoker. You are also more likely to

go into premature labor or even suffer a miscarriage if

you smoke regularly.

- Low birth weight baby: On average, your baby might be

200 grams lighter than a baby of a mother who does not

smoke during pregnancy. Babies who are very light at

birth tend to have more disabilities and illnesses and

their mortality rate is also higher than that of babies with

a normal weight.

- Behavioral problems: Children born to women who

smoked during pregnancy tend to be very hyperactive

and irritable. More children of smokers are on medication

for attention deficit disorder than kids of non-smokers.

Sadly, unborn babies are affected by second-hand

smoke as well, albeit to a letter extent.

However, you will

be happy to know that doctors believe that the worst

effects of smoking occur only if a woman continues with

the habit throughout her pregnancy.

A woman who quits smoking as soon as she knows she is pregnant, or

even when she is trying to have a baby, is able to avoid most of these

negative effects.

Therefore, it is best if you stop

smoking entirely, or at least drastically reduce the

number of cigarettes you smoke every day, in order to

ensure that you have a safe pregnancy and a healthy

baby. You should also stay away from people when they

smoke cigarettes.

Lindsay is an anti-smoking advocate and expert. She has

helped hundreds of people quit smoking and improve

their lifestyle. "One of the best methods I use to help

people quit smoking is by using the latest and most

advanced smoking alternative devices. It works 90

percent of the time," says Lindsay during an interview.