Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facts

Drug rehabilitation refers to

psychotherapeutic and medical

treatment for substance abuse or

another way to say it is a

dependence on harmful

substance. These substances or

drugs include illegal drugs,

medical drugs and alcohol. With

all of the abuse of drugs and

alcohol it can have serious consequences, socially,

physically, mentally, legal and financially.

The whole point to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to

break the addicts dependency on these substances and

enable the patient to stop wanting or using the substance

and to find a new lifestyle, free of drugs.

What Rehab Does

Rehab treatment focuses on the dual interaction of

substance abuse and dependency, which has both a

physical and psychological impact. When dealing with

the physical impact it can result in extreme withdrawal

symptoms so when you enter a rehabilitation centre the

patients are put through a detox process which helps the

patient cope with their withdrawal from their addiction,

drugs and/ or alcohol.

A big part of rehab is dealing with the psychological

effects that the drugs or alcohol have had on the person,

during this process they will focus on teaching the patient

how to interact in certain situations and how they should

react to any stresses occurring on a daily basis in their

new drug-free environment.

In the treatment centres the patients are encouraged to

change their previous lifestyle which will even include

getting a different group of friends, especially if those

friends are addicts themselves. In the early stages of

recovery it is a very important factor in order to prevent

the patient from relapsing.

Depending on what rehab facility you are at, some programs consist of

taking you through a 12 step recovery program, which encourages

addicts to accept help when offered to them, to help them in beating

their addiction. They need to make changes in their lives to help them

recover and they need to lead an honest lifestyle.

It is generally recommended that you abstain completely

from any illegal and legal substances, such as alcohol.

This is due to the fact that often when one has to stop

taking one drug they will turn around and start taking

another, in most cases alcohol and eventually are lead

back into being an addict.

There are many forms of treatment; the traditional

programs are based mainly on counselling however

studies have shown that often patients who suffer from

addictions often have a chemical imbalance as well as

psychological problems. This imbalance can be changed

through diet, supplements and a healthy lifestyle.

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