Find Rehab For Meth Addiction

Finding a methamphetamine rehab center can be a

challenge. There are a number of options out there, but

there are quite a few differences between the different

types. 12 Step programs are the most common, and

outpatient-type programs are very prevalent as well.

These have been around for decades, and were both

originally created to handle people with alcohol or opiate

problems. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous,

and many well-known inpatient facilities came about from


There are thousands of groups out there, but they

are self-governing entities. This means that they are not

all set up the same, with different rules and regulations

while following the same basic tenets. A

methamphetamine addiction, especially one that has

been going for years, is not an easy or simple problem to


Opiates and alcohol have been around for centuries.

However, methamphetamines are a relatively new

substance which was not even created until 1919. The

original intention of methamphetamines was medical in


Formerly, they were prescribed by doctors for

ailments such as asthma and narcolepsy. It was quickly

discovered that there was a high propensity for addiction

and erratic behavior, and as a result, the drug was made

illegal. When the substance was used in medicine, it was

regulated. There were quality control measures, but of

course, the danger was already there.

Currently, as with all illegal drugs, there is no quality

control or regulation. Instead of being manufactured in a

laboratory or medical setting, meth is now being made in

places such as bathtubs, trailers, and even plastic soda


There is no regulation on black market

substances, as they are illegal to possess, use, or

manufacture. There are numerous methods of

production, and only some of them require a background

in science.

Oftentimes, the producers of the drug are

addicted to it as well. If you know any long-term meth

addicts, you have seen the damage that the drug can do,

both mentally and physically. With the numerous types of

making meth, no regulations, and a large assortment of

different "cooks", the risk of harm is greater now than it

was in the past.

Often, due to the price of illegal drugs like meth, some of

those addicted to it will go much further than others to

get their drug. Some people call this "being a criminal",

but it is often a side-effect of the drug use and addiction.

Methamphetamines, especially over a long period of

time, actually change the way that the brain works. The

brain releases and processes different chemicals which

have a huge influence on a person's mood, as well as

their attitude.

Methamphetamines cause one of the main brain

chemicals to release a lot at once. Once all of this

chemical has been used up, the person is left feeling

depressed and very low. Once this occurs, the addict's

brain will tell them to find more of the drug to enable him

to feel normal again. What would in the past would be

considered a reprehensible can, during addiction, be

considered a simple means to an end.

Methamphetamines are not cheap, and people have been known to spend

hundreds of dollars per day on the drug. The addiction can cause the

addict to believe that meth is more important than anything else.

Gradually, getting drugs becomes more important than family, one's

health, and holding down a job.

All of this points to an uphill battle for the person, and as the

addiction progresses, it only becomes more difficult to overcome. With

these extra issues present, a more thorough form of treatment can be

beneficial. The biophysical approach has been much more successful

than the traditional 12 step approach.

This type of treatment is more comprehensive, meaning that it

addresses the physical and mental components of addiction. The belief

here, and there are scientific studies to support this, is that drug

particles become trapped in the fatty tissues of the body. Later, when

this fat is burned through normal bodily functions, a restimulation

occurs when these drug particles get reabsorbed through the

bloodstream. There is a way out of addiction, and all that is needed

is a phone call.

More Information on treatment and recovery.

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