Obamacare Penalty For Smokers

By William J. Schneider D.C.

Obamacare to increase healthcare expenses for Smokers

We are going to spend by some estimates over one trillion dollars to

make your healthcare more expensive. Yes, that is right, more

expensive. Really you thought it was going to get better, cheaper and

more efficient? Well, if you are a smoker, your premiums could go up

an estimated 50 percent.

Really, this is what we have all been waiting for?

Granted, no one will argue that smoking is not good for

you. However, there are a lot of things that each and

every one of us participates in every day that is not

healthy. If you eat cheeseburgers, consume french fries,

eat ice cream, play sports, ride a skateboard or a motor

cycle along with so many enumerable activities it can

increase your healthcare costs.

Where does it all end?

There are many that will argue that smoking is to the

extreme end of spectrum, thus it should be eliminated.

Well, once you eliminate smoking another offending

activity takes over that position. Looking for evidence of

this evolution just look towards New York. No more big

beverages. Where will New Yorker's draw the line?

Do we have any say in this matter?

Do Americans any longer have a voice? Does our

outrage even register in ears, minds and actions of our

politicians, doctors and officials. Or have we reached a

point in time in which we are mere subjects. Has it gotten

to the point where we will do what we are told, get in line,

accept our verdict and pay the penalty? Unfortunately

this smoking penalty has demonstrated just that. We

either cannot or will not cry out against the tyranical

government and it's regulations enfirced by the heavy

hand of justice.

How Ironic

If you watched the innauguration there was an eyebrow

raised by the first lady about a comment made by John

Boehner to the president. Supposedly Boehmer asked

the president, behind Michelle Obama's back, if he had a

chance to sneak out and have a smoke. More than likely

he was referring to having a cigarette.

How ironic that our officials can pass laws by which we are penalized

to such a degree that our ability to afford even the most basic

necessites is threatened while they are not bound by or penalized at

all for non compliance. The most you will see is a raised eyebrow a

smile, wink and a nudge. Wow, really, that much, Oh My!

So, what is the penalty, officer? If you wish to maintain

your freedom or liberty, if you decide that it is your body

and you will do with it as you wish, how much is this

freedom going to cost you? How much are you willing to

pay to be able to display your freedom? Wondering what

the current price of freedom is? The answer is estimated

to be $4,500.00 increase in premiums for smoking for an

individual 55 years old and $5,000.00 for an individual


Are there options?

If your employer is covering your health insurance you

can avoid this penalty by being involved in a smoking

cessation program. However if you purchase your health

insurance on your own, as an individual, your only hope

is to quit smoking and put this habit behind you.

However, be careful not to replace one habit with

another. For, you have no idea what our government will

target next.

Dr. William Schneider is a holistic physician. He has

developed and tested a smoking cessation program.

Learn more http://acuaids.com/blog/2013/01/23/acupressure-points-to-quit-smoking/