How To Quit Smoking Fast

By Tony Sanger

To make sure that a quit

attempt is successful, you have

to be fully aware of what you

are doing and why. Motivation is

going to be one of the strongest

tools you will have in your

arsenal for this fight therefore it

is essential that you take the

time to write a list of why you

are quitting smoking. Whenever

the withdrawal symptoms are at

their peak or that you feel yourself crumbling you are

able to refer to this list for motivation.

Whilst the cold turkey method works best for many

people, these are generally in the minority. Simply giving

up smoking and dealing with all the physical and mental

withdrawals which follow will tax even the strongest-

willed of people. This is a rare person that can overcome

this without any kind of help. However, for other people,

it appears that quitting cold turkey is the preferred

method because it is the quickest way to get all the

nicotine out of their system. Only you can determine if

this is actually the best method for you personally.

If you are serious about quitting cigarettes once and for

all then a consultation with your local doctor is advisable.

They are capable of giving you some prescribed

alternatives to help you with your quit which are not

easily available over the counter at the pharmacy. There

are various medications that help your mind and body

functions through the quit, which could make it easier for

you to keep on track during those difficult quit moments.

When it is time to quit you need to inform all of those

around you family, friends and work mates of your plans

to quit smoking. Not only will they be ready to provide

vital support when you need it the most, such as the

times when you are feeling your resolve crumbling, but

they also need to be mindful that you might be feeling

just a little fragile and emotional for the first few weeks of

your efforts.

While this sort of feeling are completely

normal, it may be distressing for your family and friends

to see you being affected by your feelings without

understanding why you are feeling this way.

Should you fall off the wagon and have a cigarette or two

do not automatically assume it is all over and begin

smoking full on again. Write it off as being a bad day or

even a bad hour and double your efforts and resolve to

quit. You can easily use this as being an excuse to

abandon the quit so remind yourself by looking at your

motivation list if you have done one your reasons for

achieving this in the first place.

Whichever method you choose to adopt when it is time

for you to give up the cigarettes, so long as you are

100% determined and consistent in your methods then

success is going to be yours. Your overall health, wallet,

family and friends will appreciate all your effort once you

are smoke-free forever. Put the information in this short

article to good use and start a healthier, happier and

longer cigarette-free life!