The Evils of Addiction

By Adam Stevert

In a recent survey it was found that most cocaine addicts

are working with reputed organizations at a fine post.

Statistics also reveal that employees working in MNCs

are more likely to try drugs like cocaine and heroin some

time in their career as compared to students and

professionals working in smaller offices. Most MNCs

have therefore come up with their own drug and alcohol

testing policies as per the OHS system.

Not only does this policy help in identifying drug abusers

in the organization but also helps in keeping the

employees away from drugs. The mere fear of being

caught can cause an employee to steer clear of drugs

like heroin and cocaine. 10 panel drug tests in

workplaces has also helped a lot of people to get rid of

their addiction problem. A workplace drug testing

program helps the employers to understand the

loopholes in the organization as well. The employee is of

course sent to a rehab or a detox center in order to get

proper treatment.

The Evils of Drugs

Excessive intake of drugs or frequent drug abuse can

lead to addiction and once a person is hooked to a

certain drug, he can cause some serious troubles for

himself and the people around him. As far as the official

point of view is concerned, a drug addict is no asset to

the company because of the following reasons:

1. A drug addict is extremely careless with his work and

is less likely to do it right

2. An employee hooked to drugs would have trouble

taking quick decisions

3. A drug addict experiences severe drops in

concentration levels

4. Shift in focus and craving for the drug at work can also

lead to poor efficiency

5. If an employee comes to the office stoned, his

behavior would not be proper to his colleagues and

fellow employees

6. Some one who is addicted to drugs does not go

unnoticed and can end up spoiling the name of the

organization as a whole

7. An addict can cause people around him to fall into the

world of addiction as well

There are a number of health related risks related to drug

abuse as well. A drug like cocaine can destroy almost

every organ in the human body and an overdose can

even lead to death. Psychological problems like nervous

breakdowns and extreme depression are common

among drug addicts.

The worst part about drug addiction is that even when an

addict knows that he is as depressed as he can ever be,

he shows no intents of coming out of his addiction. Drugs

have a firm grip on addicts and therefore treating a drug

addict is a lengthy and tough task.

In MNCs and various other companies, drug and alcohol

testing is a monthly affair. Drug and alcohol testing is

also important in order for the employers to make sure

that they are offering a safe and healthy work

environment to the employees. In most offices a 10 panel

drug test is conducted in order to make sure that the

employees are not on drugs.