Tips To Conducting An Effective Drug Testing Programme

By Robin Leonado

For effective implementation of this

program, there are certain aspects to be taken care of.

Here are a few tips that enable effective implementation

of the program.

Explain the importance:

Teachers, parents, employers or any other personnel

conducting the drug testing program should make it clear

to the suspects that the purpose of the program is to

ensure better and healthy living of the individual. It is

their duty to explain the benefits of detecting and

preventing the drug abusing habit. By doing so, the

individuals will be encouraged to take the test without

any inhibitions.

Determine the best method:

Drug testing methods are classified into different types

depending on the sample used - hair, saliva, urine and

blood. Of these methods, choose a method that is

convenient. The convenience of the test should be

judged in terms of ease of conducting and effectiveness

in giving reliable results.

Be aware of drug detection windows:

Knowing drug detection windows is important for

effective implementation of the program because, the

drug detection periods vary from sample to sample and

from drug to drug. For example, in case of

amphetamines the drug detection period is 1 to 3 days in

urine, 24 hours in blood, 90 days in hair and 0-24 hours

in saliva.

Implement preventive methods to avoid sample


There is a probability that the suspects adulterate or

manipulate (alter) test samples. Hence, make sure that

the testing area/room does not contain any kind of

materials/solvents which can be used to adulterate the

test sample. It is also important that while collecting test

samples, the donors should be monitored.

Use reliable test kits:

The effectiveness of the program is also dependent on

the effectiveness of the equipment. Since testing at

schools or workplaces requires on-site testing tools, drug

test kits are recommended. These kits can also be used

for home drug testing as they ensure privacy of results.

These kits are cost effective, fast, safe, accurate and

reliable. They are of different types based on the

specimen used (saliva, urine, hair, etc.) and the design of

kits (cups or strips). FDA approved kits give accurate

results as they abide by the SAMHSA cut-off levels.

An effectively implemented drug testing program not only

fetches accurate results but also plays a vital role in

eliminating the habit of drug abuse.