Fighting Your Nicotine Addiction One Hour at a Time

If you want to really know how to quit cigarettes

effectively, the first step in doing this is conditioning your


The brain is very powerful and with a changed

mind-setting, you will think that smoking cessation is not

a mountain that is too tall to climb. You will have a more

positive attitude and this will help you through the

withdrawal symptoms.

For many people, they have found alternatives for a

cigarette. One of the most popular products to use is the

nicotine gum. You can just chew the gum whenever you

feel like grabbing a cigarette stick. Your nicotine

addiction will be lessened with these gums.

A good technique to try is to smoke just one cigarette each hour for

the first week of your journey to smoking cessation. On the second

week, try to smoke one cigarette every two hours.

If you feel you are ready to lessen the amount of cigarettes that you

are smoking on the third week, you can smoke one cigarette every 3

hours. Just keep on trying to lessen the number of cigarettes you are

smoking for the next weeks until you will eventually become a smoke

free person.

Sometimes smokers can be impatient people. We cannot

wait to see results. This is not actually your fault. The

nicotine in your body conditioned your brain to get

immediate relief.

It is best for you to exercise more to

replace the sense of well being given by the nicotine with

the endorphins given by each exercise session.

Not only will you feel better, your perspiration will also remove the

toxins that have been stored in your body because of your smoking


You should be prepared emotionally and mentally for the

withdrawal symptoms. The most common withdrawal

symptoms are the desire to eat more, feeling more

anxious, depression, irritability, headaches, difficulty in

breathing, dry throat, and difficulty in sleeping.

A good way to counteract all these withdrawal symptoms is to have

meditation techniques such as good breathing

exercises. You can also enroll in yoga and pilates

classes because these exercises will help you calm


Another great thing to do is to eat more feel good

foods such as whole wheat foods, oats, more fruits and

leafy greens. You should avoid from drinking caffeinated

drinks too because this will increase your anxiety.

Instead of drinking coffee or soda, grab a fresh fruit juice

or milk.

It will not be easy because you had nicotine

addiction for some time, but the withdrawal symptoms

will only last for a few weeks. Just be brave enough not

to succumb to your desire to grab a cigarette stick. Do

this for a better health.

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