If you choose to stop drinking, and are looking for the best

option to get clean, alcohol detox is possibly the toughest,

yet the best way to go about quitting.

Since you remove the alcohol from your system entirely, rather than

try to do so gradually, you know it is going

to be tough at first, but is going to make the entire journey much

easier of a transition, as you get deeper in to the treatment, and

once you have completed the treatment that you choose to undergo when

trying to get sober, and lead an alcohol free life.

Support Systems

If you do choose to quit cold turkey, with any alcohol

detox program, you have to consider having a support

system in place; this can come from:

- The facility and the professionals who are going to

guide you through the treatment

- Family and friends who are going to help you get

through the toughest times

- Other members, staff, and individuals who work at or

are receiving treatment at the same facility you choose to

find help from

Although it may not seem essential, having people there

during, as well as after the treatment, is critical in getting

through the tough times, and staying clean after you do


Having Assistance at the Toughest Point

When you do choose to get treatment for an addiction

problem, the earliest phases of alcohol detox are the

ones that are going to be the toughest. Since you are

used to drinking on a daily basis, and in high volumes,

when you all of a sudden cut this out of your daily life,

you are going to experience a big change and a big

challenge. From the sweats and chills, to hallucinations,

fever, and other symptoms, each individual is going to go

through this phase a bit different than the next individual.

This is one of the main reasons you do need a strong

support system, as well as a strong staff, leader, and

guide, when you are trying to quit.

Where to Go Through Detox

It is up to each individual, but for most, when going

through the alcohol detox phase early on, an inpatient

facility might be the best option. You have a highly

trained staff to guide you, you have no access to alcohol,

and there are no bad influences around you, since you

are in a facility, trying to get you to drink.

In other cases, an outpatient facility might be a great choice.

Although you are going to leave the facility, if you have a strong

support team, family and friends who will help, and if you are

mentally strong, you can get through the tough phases, and push

through the toughest periods when trying to quit.

With many options for you to consider, and different

forms of treatment, you have to consider all when trying

to get clean. With alcohol detox, each person is different,

so the best form of treatment is really a personal

decision, and will differ from one person to the next.

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