How to Quit Smoking Step by Step

We are all aware of how dangerous nicotine addiction is

to our health, how it can cause lung cancer, stroke, heart

disease, and death. If you are a smoker and you would

like to stop smoking, try to apply the simple steps that we

will present to you in this short article.

First Step - Decide on a time frame and how many

cigarettes you will smoke in a day. You cannot just stop

smoking in one day because you will eventually crave for


For instance, if you are smoking 15-20 cigarettes a

day, you need to decide on lessening the number of

cigarettes you smoke. This will be good to counter your

smoking addiction, because you have a very realistic


Let's say you decide to smoke just about 10

cigarettes a day for a week. At the end of the week, give

yourself a reward for the job well done.

Second Step - Find a support group. If on the second or

third week, you are finding it very difficult to smoke less,

tell your family and friends about your plan. Be sure to

tell them everything so that they can support you all the


If you want, you can also choose to join a local

group for people whose goal is to stop smoking.

Together, you can motivate each other and exchange

tips on how to stop smoking.

Third Step - Keep a journal of your progress. It is good to

check how you are doing. If you are not doing OK on a

certain day, it will be evident on your journal. You should

also take notes on what triggers you to smoke more. This

journal will be your guide on what are the reasons why

you smoke, and when are the times when you want to


Last Step - Prepare yourself for withdrawal symptoms

because your smoking addiction and all forms of

addiction definitely has a few withdrawal symptoms. You

need to be ready for this. This will last for a few weeks.

All you will have to do is not to give in to your cravings.

While putting a halt to your smoking addiction may not be

an easy task, and sometimes you might have to fail a few

times before you finally succeed, remember that you are

doing this for you to have better health.

Focusing on the health benefits will keep you motivated. When you feel

like giving up, take heart and just remember the prize that awaits you

- better health.

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