Simple Tips to Help Quit Smoking

Smoking is the main cause for all kinds of health

problems and illnesses. The best way to quit smoking is

by first all understanding what it does to your body.

Before we proceed to the tips on how you can quit

smoking, I would like to mention few things. Did you

know that smoking causes cancer and more importantly

it can make you impotent?

Imagine yourself being in such a situation. I'm sure you

wouldn't want to have that situation. Cancer is not a

curable disease for many people. In many cases even

after the treatments are done, the complications still

linger on for many years. The main reason for that urge

to smoke is because of the nicotine that is present in the


Nicotine is a harmful substance that causes your brain to

get addicted to it. Once you get addicted to it, you find it

difficult to leave the habit. It is more like you getting

addicted to nicotine than smoking.

When you get the urge, you tend to smoke and get a feeling of

relaxation in your mind, which unfortunately is not true. I think by

now you have understood the seriousness of this harmful habit. Let us

have a look at few tips that can help you quit smoking:

I quit: Sadly that is the first way to quit smoking. You

must have heard from someone, that you can quit this

habit slowly. Where does that lead you to? You still

smoke. When will that day come where you don't touch

the cigarette? When you still keep on smoking, you can't

leave that habit. It keeps haunting you as you want to


It is like you see a cake. Your mind tells you nothing

wrong in having a small bite. So you go ahead and take

a bite. You continue doing that till you finish the whole

cake. You want to quit smoking, quit it completely.

Have gums handy: Once you are a smoker, you feel the

urge to smoke quite often in a day. Keep chewing the

gum till you leave the urge. A friend of mine got rid of this

habit with this method. Whenever he felt like smoking, he

put a gum in his mouth. Yes it was a difficult process, but

he finally succeeded.

Select friends who don't smoke: It is a good idea to have

friends who don't smoke. When you have the wrong

company, you tend to do that same as them. It is human

nature. If your friends smoke during the break time, try to

politely stay away from them during that time. You need

to also remember that the smell can trigger you to have a

puff and you are back to where you started.

Have support: It is good to have support from someone

who encourages you to stop smoking. You also need to

be motivated and determined to leave this habit. That

person can be your spouse, your friend, or even relative.

This step is very effective, mind you. You can try it out.

Reward yourself: It is a good idea to reward yourself

once you reach a target. To reach a target you can set

goal. For example tell yourself that you won't smoke for

at least couple of weeks. Once you complete that period,

you can reward yourself.

Friends I strongly advise you to leave this dangerous

habit. You are doing yourself a favor.

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