How Ex-Smokers Can Cope In Times Of Crisis

As we start the year of 2013

bush fires have destroyed many

homes in the southern states of

Australia. The stress of such an

event would be enormous. But

times of crisis can hit individuals

and families at any time, and

these moments can be a big

challenge for ex smokers.

It is in times of strong stress that can have ex smokers

reverting to old behaviours. The problem is

overwhelming and so you reach out for the old comfort

blanket of cigarettes.

Rarely does this action help. Most people just become

annoyed at themselves but continue to smoke as a form

of distraction. Within a day or so you are once again a

smoker. Of course your crisis is still occurring because

burning tobacco wrapped in paper can't ever solve a


Firstly before you start, take a few moments to notice any

non smokers in your situation. What are they doing? How

are they managing the problem? The fact is they mightn't

be managing well at all, but at least they haven't added

smoking to their problems.

Nicotine causes an adrenal response which triggers a

release of the stress hormone cortisol. You may have

quit in the past using medications or patches or cold

turkey, but if you need to quit again as a result of starting

during a period of crisis there is another way.

Clinical hypnosis is a highly successfully way to

completely sever any old beliefs that smoking will help in

a crisis or during any stressful period. It is important to

understand that smoking doesn't solve stress but it is

critical that this understanding at a conscious and

unconscious level goes a big step further to knowing that

smoking won't help in a crisis.

The reason is simple, your unconscious has multiple

connections between smoking and stress, and these are

deeply ingrained and are typically dealt with using


But there will be some connections between smoking

and a crisis state. Even if you have never been in an

actual crisis. You have seen people in real life and in the

movies fall back on smoking with severely stressed.

The point is it is important to treat all the different kinds of

stresses that either have a real smoking connection or

even a potential connection in order to prevent a return

to cigarettes in the future, should you find yourself in a

crisis situation.

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