How You Could Quit Smoking With Confidence

Could you be a confident quitter and just not know it yet? Plenty of

people are, judging by all the ex-smokers who look back and figure it

was really no big deal!

But then, I guess that even the highest mountain poses no challenge to

those who've already conquered it?

How you feel about quitting smoking is of course terribly

important, because success or failure is going to be

decided entirely in your mind. And in my experience, the

greatest harbinger of doom is the word 'last'.

"If I can only last until... " I hear these words all too

frequently, from the lips of individuals who have

absolutely no chance of successfully quitting smoking

this side of a huge psychological reappraisal.

As things stand, they have doomed themselves to failure!

And why? Because they have pinned all their hopes on

the surprisingly common misconception that their

cravings for cigarettes are a purely physical

phenomenon, which will eventually disappear, if only

they can 'last' long enough...

In actual fact, nicotine withdrawal symptoms are just tiny

twitches that you may occasionally feel pulsing around

your body. On their own, they cause so little bother that

they're hardly even worth noting, and many smokers go

through life failing to notice them completely!

It's the special sense of deprivation they trigger, deep

inside the mind, that drives smokers to carry on lighting

up - and that's something that by no means depends

upon them. A thousand other situations can trigger it as


Smoking is a form of habitual behaviour, and a smoker

will feel driven to light a cigarette in many situations

where the body isn't actually demanding nicotine. If this

were not the case, then nicotine replacement therapies

such as patches would be 100 percent successful, and

quitting would be no more arduous than taking a stroll

through the park!

To quit confidently, one needs to understand that the

challenge is entirely psychological, and that physical

withdrawal symptoms simply aren't the enemy - the

enemy is within one's own mind!

The great news is that, once this reality sinks in, the

whole process of giving up smoking becomes a whole lot

easier! Because, just think about it - so long as you're in

the right place psychologically on day one, there's no

need to worry about how you'll 'last' - you're already


So if you're positively looking forward to treating those

first, precious moments after you've discarded your final

cigarette as the beginning of a new dawn, then

congratulations! Because you've already beaten

smoking, and what's more you know it.

Of course, you're aware there'll be minor challenges ahead, such as

not getting too carried away with your ravenous new appetite and

piling on pounds, but all in all, you're already in a great new place.

You are a confident quitter, whose success is guaranteed.

But if you're reading this with serious doubts - if

something's niggling you, especially concerning all that

'lasting' business - then why not take some time out to

seriously appraise your approach, question your values

and be honest about your motivation?

In the end, nothing pays dividends quite like getting into

the right frame of mind before you try and quit!

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