Shocking Statistics on Smoking

By Lindsay M Fox

Smoking - a common sight in our society. Even though shunned by the

puritans as an evil and harmful habit, it acquires a considerable fan

following. Let us have a statistical overview of the various aspects

of this tantalizing art.


1. Smoking consumes the lungs of almost one-third of the

population worldwide.

2. Out of the 15 billion cigarettes that become the leading

cause every day to promote lung cancer, 10 million get

sold every minute.

3. Head west to the Pacific region and you will find one in

three cigarettes getting consumed.

4. The Chinese market is known as one of the most profit-

making businesses all over the globe. It is followed by

the American, Japanese and British conglomerates.

5. Eight seconds can be precious if you are smoking for it

has been estimated that a person dies every 8 seconds

due to use of tobacco

6. One in 10 adults worldwide die because they smoke

because they never paid attention to what that warning

on a cigarette packet said. If you live till 2030, be sure

you wouldn't want to be one in six.

These are certainly some staggering figures. Shows how

largely spread the habit is and also that it kills!


1. Teens find it so cool that you will find one in the age

group of 13-15 out of 5 smokers spread across age


2. Advertising does have an influence on teens and in

South Asia, movies and superstars have had a big


3. If you are a chain smoker, then maybe you started it in

your teens because it is highly probably you belong to

50% of the chain smokers.

4. Kids trying to find room for themselves in their peer

groups are starting smoking and this number has gone

up to 3000 a day in the United States and this figure

remains at around 100,000 a day worldwide.


1. You lose 11 minutes of your precious life every minute

you finish off with your last puff.

2. One simple cigarette can inhibit your blood supply to

your skin for more than an hour.

3. If you have pale skin and have developed wrinkles during your

youth, maybe you smoke because smoking reduces the levels of Vitamin A

and inhibits the blood supply to the skin.

4. Blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and smoking

increases blood pressure manifold.

5. Smokers might be with impotency for all their life for with every

smoke, the tendency of erectile dysfunction


6. It is possible for smokers to lose their sight.

7. If you thought that radioactive materials were the only

source of cancer, then you are absolutely right because

even cigarettes have their share of such materials -

polonium and lead.

8. If there is a future world war, maybe cigarettes might be

used for they have hydrogen cyanide which was used in

the Second World War as a chemical weapon.

9. More than 90% cases of lung cases reported every year

happen because they smoke.

10. One billion lives have already been claimed by smoking. The question is -

11. Do you want more?

Smoking kills - Believe it or not!

Lindsay is an anti-smoking advocate and expert. She has

helped hundreds of people quit smoking and improve

their lifestyle. "One of the best methods I use to help

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