How Smokers Can Achieve Their Quit Smoking Resolution

By Ian Newton

We're just a few days into 2013. Thousands of smokers, just a few days

ago made a new years' resolution to quit smoking. Many have already

forgotten and some will have


The two important questions are why is it so hard keep our

resolutions and secondly how can you make it happen

for you. For many people they get very excited about

their resolution, so excited in fact that just thinking about

it makes them feel good, for a while at least.

Then their resistance kicks in, the problems, the past

failures, the fear the lack of self belief and sometimes the

perceived benefits of smoking will override the need to


There are a few things you can do to help yourself.

1. Revisit your resolution, and decide that it is really

something that you want to do, at a conscious level.

2. Make a list of all the logical reasons for quitting, such

as health and finance.

3. Make another list of all the reasons you want to keep

smoking, and for each make a note of what it is it for you.

e.g I enjoy smoking, because it relaxes me. OK so

understand that if you can find another way to relax then

smoking won't be of use to me anymore. Or I smoke

when I'm stressed. So if you could create ways to

manage stress then again you wouldn't need to smoke.

I encourage you to spend some time doing this as it will

give you some clarity on why you are still smoking, plus

you will realise that there are healthy ways to meet these

same needs.

4. Decide to want more for yourself. Become absolutely

dissatisfied with yourself as a smoker. Decide you

deserve better than filling your body with toxic smoke.

5. Find someone to help you on this journey. Rapid

change hypnosis is the fastest most effective way to let

go of all your resistance, and to easily and simply

embrace the new healthy alternatives which will give you

all the emotional benefits which you thought that smoking

was giving you.

The key to the above statement is the benefits which you

thought smoking was giving you. Smoking and nicotine is

just a great big con job. Smoking doesn't help you to

relax or reduce stress or boredom or anything else.

Your brain has just been conned into thinking that you

are benefiting, in fact the only thing that smoking does is

destroy your health and burn your money. So take action

and choose to make your resolutions work for you with

the rapid change method.